“You have a deeper connection with people who you have shared experiences with and shared pain.”

Negash Ali

The Coloured Identity

For as long as I can remember I’ve always felt somewhat disassociated with my people and my heritage. I despised the very blood that flowed through my veins , that which sustains me and held a rich history , unseen and unknown , only what I’ve been told. Stories being passed down. Khoisan European SlaveContinue reading “The Coloured Identity”


Trigger warning: This piece has mention of sexual assault and abuse(physical, emotional and spiritual) Being gay made me a victim for rape, physical, emotional, and spiritual abuse. I endured cyber-bullying because I was “different” than which is seen as being straight. Why do I have to be victimized and abused for loving who I love,Continue reading “BEING GAY MADE ME A VICTIM”


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