As a young black woman, we face many expectations and stereotypes as to how we should look, talk and act. I grew up having African ethics and morals being instilled. But what I’ve come to realise is that our African culture went from diverse traditions and rites to a now quasi, clout grabbing  tactic toContinue reading “WESTERN CULTURE VS AFRICAN CULTURE”

The Coloured Identity

For as long as I can remember I’ve always felt somewhat disassociated with my people and my heritage. I despised the very blood that flowed through my veins , that which sustains me and held a rich history , unseen and unknown , only what I’ve been told. Stories being passed down. Khoisan European SlaveContinue reading “The Coloured Identity”


Trigger warning: This piece has mention of sexual assault and abuse(physical, emotional and spiritual) Being gay made me a victim for rape, physical, emotional, and spiritual abuse. I endured cyber-bullying because I was “different” than which is seen as being straight. Why do I have to be victimized and abused for loving who I love,Continue reading “BEING GAY MADE ME A VICTIM”

Through a lens of Intersectionality

For years the way that LGBTQIA+ people of colour have been perceived within the community here in South Africa  – and around the world –  is through a lens of discrimination and exclusion, by many on the SPECTRUM. But why is that the case when in fact black and brown people are the reason thatContinue reading “Through a lens of Intersectionality”

The First Steps To Change

What is RIOT CULTURE? A movement founded by three people of colour from South Africa. Seeing the need for a movement that would inspire people of colour from all facets of life from this generation to use their voices effectively and speak out against injustice. We see the need and opportunity to advocate for changeContinue reading “The First Steps To Change”