A movement founded by three people of colour from South Africa. Seeing the need for a movement that would inspire Black, Indigenous, People of Colour (BIPOC) from all facets of life from this generation to use their voices effectively and speak out against injustice.

We see the need and opportunity to advocate for change in all spectrum’s of society and community. The need for BIPOC to have a space in which they can feel free to speak without the fear of having their voices shunned or suppressed.

We have a safe space Whatsapp group where BIPOC can feel safe to speak about their experiences and share their stories. Many people from the Safe Space Group have found a voice since the conception of Riot Culture Movement (RCM) and have shared stories – now published on our blog.

We strive to unite and change youth in South Africa – predominantly BIPOC youth – as the marginalised often aren’t given the platform or opportunities to tell their stories and speak their truth.

Riot Culture aims to be as decentralized as possible, as we should be equals in our push for change. Governed by our core group we find direction.

The Wheel of Injustice that is rolled over the marginalized needs to be broken. Riot Culture is understanding that change is coming and that by taking action we can shape that change into a future that is brighter, better and JUST.

What People Say

This safe space is something that is needed, especially for the marginalised

Gabriel Klaasen

Time for us to take on the world through a lens of intersectionality

Abigail Jacobs

We are called Gen Z for a reason, We will be the last generation to experience injustice

Mthembukazi Bavuma

Let’s build something together.

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